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This is exactly like Blood Runes and the only difference
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Take a trip back to the mine , and chisel all your blocks into small pieces as you run through the mine. Once you've got your inventory full, head back to Dark Altar and bless stones that you've got. This time, you'll be able to go towards the Blood Altar to make your runes. After that chisel rest of the blocks from your inventory and then make additional Blood Runes. Repeat this process for as long as you'd like to.

This is exactly like Blood Runes and the only difference is that you bless your runes in the Soul Altar to the east instead of westward flow to the west and that you require a Runecrafting at a level of 90. These runes don't yield as much as Blood Runes but they give more experience. They're the best level of xp farms in brackets of levels 91 to 99.

From level 27 players can begin making Cosmic Runes. This is a very good method of earning money for players who want to focus on the acquisition of gold and gain some RuneCrafting experience at the same time. Though it's possible to earn decent gold starting out, it'll really be a star after the level 59 level, and you can get double Cosmic Runes during crafting.

As we have mentioned, experience rates are low with between 10-20k per hour but gold that you can earn from those runes will be worth it. It is possible to make 2500 runes a hour with 59 RuneCrafting which would yield approximately 450k gold.

Cosmic Altar is located in Zanaris Unlocked after Lost City quest completion . There is an Agility shortcuts at levels 44 and 66 that could make your travels more convenient, but if you don't have any level in those, you can make use of Fairy Rings to get around the area in reasonable time.

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This article is great. I like it very much.

Alis James, 5 days ago
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