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Mmoexp - I faced in Madden NFL 21
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    9 months ago (April 22, 2021)
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    Agusan del Norte
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However, I discovered that wins would arrive in classes: I'd get three or Mut 21 coins four on the bounce, move up into Division 8, and then lose a few and fall down. My one goal, really, was not to embarrass myselfI didn't mind losing, I just didn't want to go battered 8-0. And to my credit, that never occurred: there was one game where I went 3-0 down in about half an hour, but ended up fighting my way back to 3-3; a massive achievement against a player who was definitely a shade better .

I currently find myself Division 7, and while I understand there'll be people reading this chuckling to themselves in this lowly achievement, the gap in my general play is day and night. If I could play myself from a couple of weeks ago, I'd probably win 15-0; the advancement has been dramatic. I'm still making silly mistakes and panicking defensively once I should not, and I am not scoring as many goals as I believe I should be, but there's no question I have improved a lot.

The upcoming steps for me are to work on improving what I've got. There are better versions of Pogba and Kante, for instance, which would boost my midfield for a fee; I'd really like to get someone like Eric Cantona upfront, however I still know it's going to put me back millions of Coins. I am at a point now, along with my squad, where I'm essentially trading any cards I earn and saving my Coins so that I can make minor improvements to the players I've already got.

I have actually mostly enjoyed playing on the internet; no one utilizes a microphone so I have not encountered anywhere close to the amount of abuse I faced in Madden NFL 21. I did get some very salty messages, but generally I believe FIFA 21's matchmaking works well; I feel as though I am playing against players in a roughly similar skill level, which is contributing to some competitive matches with fun ebbs-and-flows; sometimes I get roundly beaten by a better player, other times I win comfortably too. Fair.

As such, unlike Madden NFL 21, I think I will keep on playing throughout the rest of the season. I'm well on my way to qualifying for a Weekend League now, and while I'd hope to get thumped by that sort of contest, I've set myself a goal to keep advancing my squad and also see how I fit up in that kind environment; I will definitely write about cheap Madden 21 coins my first Weekend League after I make it. If I could get only one win, I would be very pleased.

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