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Varrock. Contrary to Morytania Diary reward
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    ₱ 10
  • Date posted
    2 months ago (January 19, 2021)
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    For sale
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Varrock. Contrary to Morytania Diary reward, this one does not come with lots of advantages. Varrock's Armour 4 main perk is that the ability to switch Varrock Teleport location from town center to Grand Exchange. Additionally, access to Cook's Guild lender may be quite useful for those who want to maximize the Cooking level immediately. In addition to this, it: Acts as a Prospector Jacket, Gives a 10 percent chance to smelt two pubs in once in Edgeville Furnace, Gives an ability to buy 120 battle staves from NPC Zaff, Grants 10% chance to mine 2 of any ore at the exact same time. Main reward: Western Banner 4. This strange-looking weapon includes a similar battle stats to those of an Adamant Spear. It offers: unlimited teleports to Piscatoris Fishing Colony (especially useful during Fishing coaching ), totally free resurrection at Zulrah (but only one daily ), ability to upgrade Void Knight Top and Void Knight Bottom to possess +3 Prayer bonus, also improved Slayer Points obtained from Nieve and Steve Slayer tasks.

There are also many smaller advantages. Crystal Saw holds twice as numerous charges (which can be 56 after the upgrade). Two chompy birds will constantly look on Chompy Bird Hunting. You'll have 1/500 opportunity to receive Chompy Chick puppy from Chompy Bird Hunting. 150 complimentary Ogre Arrows from Rantz every day and more. Users of Western Banner 4 also access the locked room below the temple of Ape Atoll and Hunter Masters Red Chinchompa Hunting Ground. Main reward: Wilderness Sword 4. Certainly the most dangerous Achievement Diary to complete since it is located mostly on a PvP zones. Advantages of finishing this Diary and possessing this thing are unlimited teleports into Fountain of Rune, shortcuts to Lava Dragon Isle, and Deep Wilderness Dungeon. Moneymakers will do so Diary mostly for benefits of noticed Dragon Bones drops since finishing Elite Wilderness activities makes all the Dragons in Wildy drop noted bones only.

When wielded, Wilderness Sword 4 will constantly cut webs, enable quicker log cutting from Ents, give 50% more Lava Shards from Lava Scales, allow with around 5 ecumenical keys at one time, let teleporting freely to chosen destinations with Ancient Obelisks. There's also the advantage of free entrance to Resource Area, 50 arbitrary free runes out of NPC Lundail (once daily ), and Increased Dark Crab catch prices.

The most crucial component of Achievement Diary rewards is skilling. Many players frequently complete various tasks to get items, which might help them reduce the time needed to gain certain levels in particular skills. Fishing lovers might also want to farm for Ardy Cloak, Western Banner, and Rada's Blessing.

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