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That's kinda the whole point of Madden NFL
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    ₱ 10
  • Date posted
    2 months ago (August 08, 2020)
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    For sale
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    Brand New
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That's kinda the whole point of Madden NFL. If you play a lot or spend a great deal of money your going to be a lot better compared to other Madden NFL players. I'm FTP and that I know I'm not going to be the best Madden NFL player and I am fine with that. I've already maxed Bo Jackson and have 10 badges towards my 105 card. Why should somebody who just downloaded Madden NFL be able to beat somebody who's been playing all year? They should not, however, the discrepancy should just be based off entire. Throwing energy level, and the +5 benefit that accompanies it, along with it is simply idiotic, imo.

I've 6 maximum Madden NFL players since FTP, a couple more than many in my league who spend. In my experience, obtaining maximum badges is not a matter of P2P or FTP, it is more about the grind. You have to grind the AH, promos, as well as seasons. Be efficient with your coins. This is 1 instance, I play about a season per day and from there I receive 90s. Use that to purchase 1.5-2 badges. Now a complete whale can bypass the mill by purchasing every bunch available, but they also help fund our game.

Let's say 4 badges cost approximately 800k, for the most efficient set, the 98 100 electricity collection. For 6 madden max Madden NFL gamers (I will say average 26 a Madden NFL player) that would take 31 million coins. Are you really saying you made 31 million? Once I ground for grandmasters and I made to that amount I used to play with a year per day. I agree we want the whales to put in money to maintain Madden NFL alive and feed true developers, I just meant there is a whole lot healthier way to do so.

Not from strictly seasons. There is coin from grinding OD, tons of gems as well as the Madden NFL player package for best 500. This voucher has been great for coins early on. Turn everything into 85sand market them for 80-90k after tax. Sold a bunch of Madden NFL players until RTTD began, like most of my TOTY unique teams when they declared 100 base power. Also lots of coin from the right Madden NFL players around the AH, there is no real formula to that.

More Mut 21 coins on https://www.mmoexp.com/Nfl-21/Coins.html

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