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CFM player scouting'drafting
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    2 months ago (August 05, 2020)
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    Caloocan City
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I think this will make an important gap in CFM player scouting'drafting, thickness chart assignment, advancement, and free agency goals. There is some overlap but that's deliberate due to the player flexibility we see from the real NFL. When a player like Von Miller hits free agency in Madden with this format, his demands will probably be comparable to other EDGE rushers, as contracts would be based upon the player's place family first and then positional preferences. While potential B may have the OVR that is greater, you might appreciate the positional flexibility of possibility A more. It can turn out the prospect, such as Brandon Sherff in life, is a fantastic OT in college but a probowl OG in the NFL level. On the flip side, it may be of help to pick an OT with the capabilities to effectively play OG in the event of injury or a need to move them indoors for career longevity.

You may draft prospect B rather than potential A because your staff requires a nickelback to assist the pass defense over an enforcer to assist the rush defense. In general, I think that the software for a more strategic way of team building are all direct. Let me know if you'd want me to add on to I'd overhaul facets of CFM.next one will likely concentrate on a training carousel and staff benefits based upon coaching staff. Maybe if I write enough of these they can be polished by me in a pitch to EA? Who knows.

The thing about this position terminology is that EA does not want to alienate those who do know these conditions. However, like only make an option where you can select between rosters or something. So if people don't enjoy this terminology that is contemporary or whatever you can choose to utilize the roster format that they use. Strong idea a similar strategy would work for CFM in general.

Terminology that is updated would go a very long way in enhancing CFM's expertise. It is incredibly dumb to ignore the importance of a plot on a player's position. No staff would play Von Miller as an LB how the CPU does at a 4-3. Updating the positions would be a tweak that is little but might go so far. In addition to updated positions, I think flexibility within formations would be a great addition. For instance, if you've got a freak athlete that can play many positions well, like Isaiah Simmons, you need to be able to move them around to match what you are doing in a specific play.

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