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Simmons is basically Giannis without the jumper
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  • Price
    ₱ 10
  • Date posted
    4 months ago (August 02, 2020)
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    Agusan del Norte
  • Classification
    For sale
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    Brand New
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    Not Specified
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Simmons is basically Giannis without the jumper (and most people don't shoot much with Giannis anyway, although he is overrated in 2K at it). They aren't one dimensional. That is faster than Giannis! Embiid is one of the very best article up scorers in NBA 2K20 and contains gold fantasy shake and article spin badges among others, they have numerous shooters and players. They can play small or big. Their seat is great (particularly if you go little and bring Horford off the bench).

They can play with roll/pop and pick with shooters around Simmons which is a 3 or a dip. Combine this with Embiid's post and inside scoring and they are a fantastic half court team. Helping Simmons off is. Give a head of steam to him and he's finishing at the basket using layup or a dunk. Look at his dip score and dunk tendency. Check out his layup rating (96) and his golden layup badges. Dude is unstoppable, even moreso in transition. Plus, most of the time Simmons is gonna have the ball from his hands you can not help off that to double others anyhow.

A head of steam and a cross will probably get you in the rim if you telephone iso to move everyone if the guardian would like to sag like mad. If that is not working, simply put the sagging defender in pop and pick and he will be way out of place to defend 3. I utilize Sixers and ruin Lakers and Bucks all the time since they matchup great. The matter is, most people do not know all this about Philly, and that's why I said"if used correctly".

Booker, Trae, Bev, DJJ are all better than their opponents but the problem is they have used their Bucks pick which is the best team in NBA 2K20 so if their competitor selects the Bucks it'll be up to them to utilize the Lakers to stop them. Beverley does not even have the Lakers as a chosen team so if Drummond uses Bucks that he would need to use the Sixers. Rui is a asshole so I could see Lakers can not and him bothersome DBook together with the Bucks, off just driving and ball cheesing, DBook was reliant on pop and pick up and 5 outside 5 out unless AD is in the 5. Ayton is actually good when the Bucks were used by him so that he could beat Trae, so he will be ight but Trae is either the best or second best player in the tourney.

More NBA 2K21 Mt information on https://www.mmoexp.com/Nba-2k21/Mt.html

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