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Does anybody else feel like the current OSRS is exceptional?
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I had been thinking just a little bit about how the present OSRS state of match is and rs 2007 gold in all honesty I feel as this is the greatest form of the classic RuneScape game we all fell in love with as children/teenagers. What are the key differences? Well for starters a TON of updates are geared towards improving the standard of life and total participant experience without bloating RuneScape. Graceful armor with endurance pots, changes like the ease of transport, the make screens. It all sort of fills the niche that a ton of those content provided without creating RuneScape feel bloated.

Of summoning on this issue, I firmly believe it was and likely is the skill to be published. There was the requirement to loot charms to normal cash making drops. Suddenly there was a necessity to remember to bring a BoB for certain skilling and money earning, and then another drainable point method to keep in mind in addition to prayer. An expected combat partner that ONLY worked in multi if a great deal of important PvM was single way anyways which meant that the most useful familiars were the supportive ones (Bunyip/Unicorn). It made areas feel over crowded when everyone is bringing their finest summoning recognizable to Castle Wars.

In all honesty the greatest pluses from summoning - Beasts of Burden, skilling, recovery that is passive and unlimited run energy boosts. They been implemented in some way in the current game and done better than the way summoning brought them. Now let's get into gear, well most of the equipment that existed back then is at the current game, most of the gear. Let's be honest, nobody is currently overlooking the sword of Korasi, even though it had been considered quite good. I really prefer the nightmare staff that is volatile because it MAKES MORE SENSE. It provides that same Korasi-esque special but it requires a magic based assault design bonus to be useful.

Overall the addition of spells and ranged firearms has made the classic battle triangle for the most part. Wrath spells definitely gave magical that extra oomph it wanted for the spell book. Overall equipment selection is good. RuneScape at the time did introduce Pernix armor, but from what I remember the T80 Pernix was pretty useless. 1 thing I will admit though that RS2 had which would be a lot of fun is Dungeoneering as a stand alone ability. I was wavy to it, but eventually realized how much pleasure that the skill really was to get a few pretty cool perks between finest in slot weapons to custom resource dungeons.

It would have been better if the dungeoneering skill felt more tied into the main game rather than a mini-game in ability format. I've yet to try out the gauntlet in OSRS though I do not know if OSRS was able to capture that exact same feeling Dungeoneering rbought that is good. Anyways, just a couple of ideas, I've seen other posters state they'd return into Pre-EOC in a heartbeat however, beyond the additional quest storylines, I find the present state of game feels more balanced and buy old school rs gold well thought out than RuneScape in the time back then.

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