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Defense is not 50 percent of NBA 2K20 in any way
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Harden will not win a ring. Ever. 100% guaranteed. He is a defensive liability. He places up gaudy offensive numbers in the regular season, yet he regularly gets shut-down in the play; when gamers actually D up. He's merely a volume shooter. Lol everything about cheap nba 2k21 mt your comment is false. He's not a responsibility he's in fact among the very best post defenders in the league. He isn't good in a different areas and excels, such as defending guards that are quick. To call him a negative on defense shows that you don't see basketball and regurgitate garbage requires you read years back. No version of clyde drexler rolls harden, you are insane. That man never made it past the first round. Harden is not even that bad at the playoffs, his numbers are the same earlier he combined a team that is super as KDs were. He just loses into the warriors every season.

It is you who legitimately doesn't understand basketball, he is averaging 38/8/6 on TS that is 63 percent and you're sitting here telling me a man who never made it out that the first round and Clyde fucking drexler are him. You are far too young to know what you are referring to. It reveals. 50/15/15 can be averaged by him also it will not mean shit. Never. He an average defender. Drexler and tMac were defensively AND elite offensively in their prime. They did not have to flop for to the line. They also did not have the insane turnover numbers harden. It is disgraceful to the place. And should you want to talk stats, we can. We can look at metrics. Harden doesn't stack up. He will not only is he not the very best SG in Rockets history, but he is also not the best guard in the league.

If you think that an player can be great offensively, you do not know what the fuck you're talking about. He is great at just 50 percent of NBA 2K20. The other 50 percent is laughable. Hehas never impacted a game defensively and's lazy as fuck. Nor has Harden, although yes, Tmac never had some playoff run. Spoiler alert: harden will not this year. But, Tmac became an all-time good in essentially 6-7 seasons (injuries). See some videos of Drexler. No back, pump fake, flop shit. His match literally had no weakness. 50% of Hardens match is a weakness; defense.Lol are you going to pretend you were old enough happen to be old enough to grasp what exactly was happening and to have observed Drexler in the late 80s/early 90s? You are on a sub that is nba2k, I have a hard time.

He could never win a ring and he'll readily be considered better then Drexler/tmac by anybody with a brain. He can be at times above average, and is an average defender. I am beginning to believe Tracy came into the league as a defensive prospect you do not know anything about drex and Tmac lol and then once he went to orlando and was forced to take the load his defense dropped off. He was far from elite. Stop intentionally lying. Also, if Clyde Drexler was such an elite defender was he never selected for a defensive group that was most nba? Because you think because he wasn't as great at defense, I understand why and you are just stretching the facts. Lol let us talk stats. What innovative metrics does not pile up in? I'll wait. You are not going to win this debate, this is hilarious.

He is not the best SG in the league? I've typed so much so we can continue although Now it is clear you're trolling. Defense is not 50 percent of NBA 2K20 in any way, and even then, his shield is far from laughable. He's slightly above average, and crime means shield. Nor has harden? He's been into the second round and the WCF twice. The fuck are you talking about? In 2018 he won 65 games and practically would have won a ring had CP3 not got hurt, that's far over anything Tracy has done. I really don't need to watch shit on Clyde drexler. He's not better then james harden. You are not going to win this argument don't respond and mt for sale 2k21 do your self a favor.

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