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Until the tent in which they were interrogated... caught fire. Perched at a walnut tree, an Osamodas dressed as a Iop gave a thumbs up to some distant thicket where a telescope protruded. From the top of the thicket, a furry brown arm stretched, and in the conclusion, the thumb and index finger curled round to fulfill each other in a hand signal to the hiding adventurer.

"Duncan is in position. We have to be ready to act once he's created a diversion" Six strange Tofus circled around the adventurer. In their Piwi heads sat red crests, in Iop style that was true. "Wait, where is Toota?" Requested their proprietor. There is one missing! Where's she?" One of the birds flew from the group and flapped under the Osamodas's nose, chirping and motioning toward the thicket. "Argh! She flew and followed Duncan! I need you all to do better and stay in position. Right, let's go over the plan! Stage 1: We move in, we locate the hostages and we get them to security. Ladies: Toofa, Toola, Tooba, Toona, you've got your job cut out for you conserving Jaillat!

The Iopfus nodded their agreement under the firm stare. If we face immunity, we utilize our secret weapon!" Helgaga along with her team viewed as Jaillat was escorted by two militiamen into the closest tent to where they waited. Then they watched as Brendo emerged under escort and was led into the tent that was middle. Two people dressed in white then appeared in front of the next tent at the back. "Malco Dracfoy from the Magic Committee and Father Perledelaih from the Inquisition! Now there's an intriguing team..." The two men immediately followed behind Brendo. Shortly after, there was a commotion and the 2 militiamen also went into the tent.

"Grrr... What is Duncan performing?!" Helgaga climbed down from the tree and proceeded toward the tents, fast and furtively, closely followed by her Iopfu unit. The Osamodas suddenly stopped when she detected the puppy aide several kameters away fast leaving the tent at the 22, running. He held Toota tightly between his toenails. He talked to her and... rolled her into the tent in which Brendo and the others were as if she were a bomb! Before Helgaga could figure out exactly what was occurring, a thick fog spewed out of the tent fabric. It was time for action!

Toofa, at which Jaillat has been held captive Toola, Tooba, and Toona split off from the remainder of the band to enter the tent. Helgaga appeared behind to wink before covering her face with a scarf, at Duncan, who had been shut. She subsequently unsheathed her Iop sword and rushed into the fog.White smoke was everywhere. She also heard the thrumming of wings of Peeto and Jaspo shut behind her. Shouted her owner.

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