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RS3 is still a fantastic runescape game however
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  • Price
    ₱ 10
  • Date posted
    2 months ago (June 02, 2020)
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    Agusan del Norte
  • Classification
    For sale
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    Brand New
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RS3 is still a fantastic runescape game however. The MTX drags down it, sure. But, because people do not like the combat system does not mean it's a bad game. Just saying'scrap RS3' is rude. It is a solid game in its right.well identification like to make it apparent im not wanting to"scrap RS3". My main on RS3 is the same account as my main on osrs. The combat system is why I play osrs the majority of the time.

I truly hope that means we could go the route of producing a 2012scape like how OSRS started. Strip out the squeel of fortune and other MTX bullshit and depart 2012 match intact, maybe add bonds if you need to. I do not mind not getting updates if it's not popular, I just really think RSHD was a much better and more enjoyable game. I am sure OSRS people who like Runescape game would be happy to see us depart.

I'm pretty certain this was already known but folks wanted an earlier version of Runescape game.No they definitely said in the first OSRS poll that there wasn't a later complete backup available. Plus folks were enjoying content like GWD (wasnt in OSRS on release), soul wars, and Fist of Guthix. I have a hard time thinking that Runescape players desired by reverting all of the way back to 21, these removed. Before EOC, folks were fed op with soulsplit, summoning, and overloads, and there were calls for an oldschool server. EOC made the moment so much larger. You are adding private feelings. The majority was asking for game servers. August onwards means they looked for backups going further back as 2006scape was the goal.

Does this change everything? - Because, when EOC was published the vast majority of the Runescape players did not like it and they wanted RS2 ago, but Jagex lied and stated they did N'T have some copies saved besides from 2007 and that is why 07 scape was released- However now they have verified that they do have more backups before EOC and are using a few of the versions for OSRS Soul Wars.Runescape game has been dead long before EoC, EoC was the thing that made Runescape game unplayable for most Runescape players. There is is no reason to wipe Runescape match and produce a new one. Additionally, having a 2012 backup does not mean it is functional enough to even be made to an entire game. There's more that goes into it than jumping on 1 paragraph in a blog post.

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