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There are so many pieces like this scattered around RuneScape
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He also opted to kill at the domain of 5-10k undead druids just to cheap RuneScape gold get some brews rather than training his farming or herblore, and his Zulrah process was insanely inefficient. All up counting time he spent getting gp to get barrage runes and receiving slow kills, he would've been receiving 1-2 kills per hour. Yes, it is that low. He spent 1m per 10-12 Zulrah kills, then earning GP by murdering wyverns and shamans. Of course, the series was interesting and well edited etc etc, but totals is clearly not this man's strong suit. He had 1600 complete after 2 decades of playing.

Can we get another pursuit or a sequel in the Sea Slug/Slug Menace series?

There are so many pieces like this scattered around RuneScape left untouched for many years - it'd be cool if a few of them were looked at each year ratherer than there being a wealth of new material in one area alone (though this substance is obviously cool also ). Seems like the OSRS team have a different spin on quests compared to RS2, as they currently tend to concentrate on quests with high production quality and a lot of repeatable post-quest content. I believe the most important reason why it took over 3 years until OSRS got its 1st quest was how"ineffective" it was for the little dev team to make articles you will only do once per account. Which have lead to pursuit updates containing just the quest anymore.

Take the master quest Sins of the Father for instance. Not only will we get the pursuit itself, but a whole new town, a new agility minigame and lots of new rewards. All this takes lots of dev time. Therefore, even if there are many unfinished questlines in OSRS, I'm afraid it is going to take quite a while before we will be able to see the conclusions of those.

As a curiosity, let us take a look. 29 quests that year, 4 of them being of master difficulty were seen by us and 1 pursuit had a newcomer difficulty. Yes, they had dev team. The matter is, no notable material that is post-quest was unlocked by many of those 29 quests, the narrative and quest rewards themselves were sufficient. I wish OSRS got more of those quests with quest benefits that are simple yet effective, in between completing those big storylines that are big.

I'd be fine having quests that only included the story with xp rewards that are little. The problem comes. Not worth the time when anybody cares about these to make stories. I wager if they allowed quests to become repeatable with a speedrunning leaderboard and runescape gold 2007 cosmetic tokens from repeating quests, so the monkeys would be clamoring for more quests.

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