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If you are fighting with the POE game solo
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  • Price
    ₱ 10
  • Date posted
    04/27/2020 (April 27, 2020)
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    Caloocan City
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    For sale
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    Not Specified
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Equipped gems level up as you earn XP, getting ten percent of the foundation XP granted from monster kills. Your personality encounters an XP penalty when revisiting lower level regions, but that penalty doesn't apply poe currency to gems. So you can certainly level gems by replaying areas that are a few levels lower than your current level.

Each part of loot you get takes up varying levels of room in your bag. To carry as many potential things at the same time, you have to move items around and squeeze items into the allotted spaces. Even then, your bag is likely to fill up fast if you pick up each and every item you encounter.

The trick, then, would be to discount items your character can not utilize or are of reduced price.

Rarer items are usually worth picking up and selling, even if you need to hold onto them for a while. And needless to say, any item that appears better than your existing gear is worth catching -- even if you need to drop something else temporarily while you equip it.

By default, characters don't regenerate life but they do regenerate a tiny amount of mana every second. You can manually synchronize life and mana using the appropriate kind of flask. Flask charges automatically refill when seeing a city or hideout. Equipping better flasks increases the quantity of daily life or mana recovered, and can have other effects as well.

Gear and passive abilities can increase regeneration for stat or even steal life and mana from hits and kills. At bare minimum, you want to have some life regeneration so it is possible to regain health between battles.

One more tip to consider: if you are fighting with the POE game solo, you can generally invite a friend to buy poe exalted orbs or Path of Exile player from town to help. Don't take your exile sitting down!

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