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What drew me to NBA 2K was that the passing of my brother
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    12/31/2019 (December 31, 2019)
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"What drew me to NBA 2K was that the passing of my brother that always bought games for me and my younger cousins," Flowers said. The Chicago native watched his brother as a second father so that it isn't surprising at all that he steered his brother's psychologist into the match they shared.

"He never got to watch me gambling seriously, since when he passed when I began going hard playing the game," Flowers said.My brother was sort of like another dad to me. With him being the earliest, and me being the youngest child, he taught me a great deal at a young age. To sum up it, he was a role model for me personally though he wasn't perfect. Inside this Q&A together with all the NBA 2K League prospect, Flowers discusses more on his brother's influence, which NBA 2K League participant he looks up to and more.

How did he impact you on the court that is digital and in actual life? The impact my brother made on me will carry on. He taught me to have values and morals! Stand for everything I have a mentality that is no non-sense and believe in! On basis and the courtroom, he basically is who I really do it. He lives through me. He and a couple of others keep me inspired to do my goal of making it to the NBA 2K League.

Jeff: What have you learned about yourself after coming at past combines? It's been very disappointing after coming two years in a row. It gave me a while to regroup and consider things I had to do for better! Not only as a 2K player, but around as a person.How did you like playing with the NBA 2K20 demonstration? Can it cause you to realize you got work to do it in front of the combine? Playing the NBA 2K20 demo is cool. I was only taking a look at the laboratory and see what is in store for me once the retail version really come out. While fine-tuning my skills earlier this forthcoming combine I am definitely learning new things.

Tell the NBA 2K League teams, scouts and trainers why they should draft you if you make it into the draft pool. I believe teams in the NBA 2K league should draft me for quite a couple of reasons.One is that I am a team-first man always willing to sacrifice for the greater. Additionally, I get along with other people well and I am very big on companionships. Last but not least, I'm eager to buy into any organization's system but although I can go on and on and I am ready to win. I'm prepared to modify a group around. Joining a team and just being approved into the pool is going to be a blessing. San Antonio Spurs fans can see the latest on the NBA 2K League by visiting the league's website HERE.

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