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No matter what happens in the playoffs
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The Scenario Engine is a solid step towards a complete, immersive Franchise Mode. But we can not escape the fact that Madden's offering is still so far behind other sports matches.

It is particularly annoying once you consider that the majority of these features have been in past versions of Madden and been eliminated over time. Franchise is in dire need of an overhaul, and has been for the previous four or five years. But hey, at least the Pro Bowl is back? And we reach Longshot, which can be gone with Mut 20 coins, and in its place is a new story called QB1: Face of the Franchise. It is comparable to its predecessor since it's all about overcoming hardship and'making it'. It's one massive cliché.

You get to create your personality this time around, and the story opens with him psyching himself up in the restroom. You're going to dedicate to play QB for one. The head coach of whatever school you chose wants you to be the afternoon one newcomer. You're a, after all. Thus far, so good.

But then tragedy strikes. The undisputed number one QB prospect in the nation, Marcus Washington, has de-committed out of his previous school and is coming to play for your program instead. Worse, trainer has set him high in the depth chart. You're determined to win the starting job back. Long story short and Jump to four years later, you have not. In reality, you never got to take one snap in college (does EA even watch college football?). But now Washington is hurt and win the College Football Playoffs and you need to take his position.

No matter what happens in the playoffs, you will then go through the mix and draft process with cheap Madden 20 coins to end up playing for an NFL franchise like either a primary, mid or late round pick. From there, the game turns to a altered QB franchise mode and you have to'forge your legacy'. It is all cheesy, as I said.

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