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Access to Dofus Rétro will always be linked to a subscription
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  • Price
    ₱ 10
  • Date posted
    11/23/2019 (November 23, 2019)
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  • Classification
    For sale
  • Condition
    2nd Hand
  • Warranty
    Not Specified
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Access to Dofus Rétro will always be linked to a subscription to Dofus game and it is not planned to make changes if not punctual.

For the moment we don't have some more information to convey to you concerning this Retro Dofus, in particular on the existence or not of the tracks. Without doubt, however, that this server is languishing a number of Dofus players regardless of the problems still outstanding. You can also discover more detail the announcement of the anniversary of 15 decades and Dofus Retro on the post Forum.

Mimibiotes, ceremonial objects, familiar, costumes... Your personality is now a beast of fashion! But have you really gone all the ways provided by Ankama to enhance the appearance and your expertise ? It is in 2012 that begins the evolution of personalization on Dofus. Just Living Items and items already allowed to have a style to his taste. Without forgetting of course the classic conclusion of this course, sex and colors of your avatar.

That year two big attributes come into play: the chance of changing faces as well as the Grand Bazaar. These last may appear innocuous, but they had been a real revolution! One changed the entire world of Twelve's face and the second, closed recently, guaranteed additions in the shop in the level of Cosmetics Sets! From there seemed many additions to facilitate the selection and change of look, particularly Mimibiotes and potions of change (name, face, sex). In the time of the multiplication of ceremonial items, in 2018, it's time!

More Dofus Kamas information on https://www.ezdofus.com/

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