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PvP focuses on using potions and crowd control abilities
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    6 months ago (November 20, 2019)
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I believe that Astellia Online will interest a lot of people, but my question is whether it is going to succeed in bringing the attention of an audience that does not gravitate around this type of games. I still don't know whether Astellia Asper will buy the game or not, I haven't seen enough even if the match is almost complete. Surely Astellia puts on the plate of new and original mechanics, but only after I've seen most of the contents will I take my decision.Astellia's first closed beta was around for a couple of months and the programmers are assessing the opinions from the gamers. Some proposed.

Which are the innovations of the second beta? The focus of the next beta is the upcoming item shop, the battle system and the launcher. The latter is introduced for the first time in its own western form.An exact date for this beta does not exist yet. But, we'll allow you to know with all the tests on Astellia.What were the problems with the combat system if it continues? In the conclusion of the players into the beta especially the system has been criticized. Issues cause slow animations and lengthy fights.Also, the long wait between games, during which players had to regenerate mana and life, was a thorn in the side of many.

What should change in the battle system? From the discussion posting, the developers agree with the feedback that the battle system isn't good however and promise to operate on it.For the second beta there will already be alterations to the mana regeneration, so the players don't have to wait long out of a struggle. What is currently happening in PvP? PvP will also be corrected as the battle system changes. The players were having fun in it although there was no attention on this mode of play in the first beta.

PvP focuses on using potions and crowd control abilities. The potions were from the perspective of players and had influence on the combating. CC skills, on the other hand, didn't pile up in duration and were often personality for your own Astels? An apparently also often expressed wish is much more character and more chances for the alteration of buy Astellia Asper. By their own entrance, the developers are happy about the feedback, but don't show whether changes in this field are proposed.

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