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A complete overhaul is planned for shortly
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For many years, the Cra is among the classes that require the maximum of a redesign. The Dofus team knew this well and made a decision to prepare the floor by putting in place some alterations in the management of the one, while avoiding a total imbalance between PvP and PvM. A complete overhaul is planned for shortly, but there is still work to be done on classes and Dofus game Designers wish to reach as many people as you can. It'll take slowly, but surely.

The latter do with a lot of changes that will make your life simpler! Problem class one day, constantly problem class. The Sacriers come back to the operating table with a few significant changes after wreaking havoc on Temporis. The first is for instance the famous 8 charms shifting your Vitality to grow their damage. They will again inflict final harm, impacted by erosion, with each use, but this damage will be less when you lose Health Points.

It was not a priority and just a few adjustments had been made. After your feedback, their vision has evolved. For the 2.53 update, the class undergoes significant changes on all of its channels, such as Air and Water. Because too powerful the first has been reviewed. The second, to everyone's surprise, loses. Luckily, his charms are improved. Alterations are created on the Iop spell card. We invite you to await the beta to arrive to visualize it.

French indie MMO Dofus started when a few web developers got together to create a Dofus game. With its magical graphical design and free to play area (a small percentage of the full Dofus game), Dofus has gained favor with all Dofus critics and players, propelling the business out of a small indie to a larger Dofus player. The first Dofus game was done in Flash before it became a popular platform for Dofus games.

Since the company rolls out Dofus 2.0 and a brand new Dofus match named Wakfu, we talked with CTO Camille Chafer and global marketing manager Cedric Gerard about Ankama's past and future, including the new animation studio, the pros and cons of working in Flash, also Dofus player/subscriber numbers.How did Dofus come about as a indie MMO? Most people wouldn?t try such a thing. We wanted it to be a turn-based battling Dofus game, PvP. We were motivated by Final Fantasy Tactics, and wanted to construct an identical online Dofus game where Dofus players are confronting actual Dofus players, using a massive ranking ladder.

More Dofus Kamas information on https://www.ezdofus.com/

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