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Madden 20's regular Franchise mode, which can be distinct from the QB1 mode, receives a welcome update this season. Its implementation of the new Scenario Engine with Madden 20 coins, which lets you interact with coaches and players through the aforementioned text-message system, is the newest feature for Franchise. Like with QB1, having weekly objectives that you decide on is a compelling means to keep you interested and engaged in a 16+ week year that can otherwise find monotonous and repetitive. However, Franchise style overall doesn't get any other important or significant updates this year, which might be a bummer for experienced players wanting more.

Possibly the most significant and most exciting change for Madden 20 are the brand new X-Factor and Superstar skills. 50 of the team's greatest players are given these super abilities, plus they revamp the fundamentals of Madden playmaking. X-Factor abilities are unlocked when you match the qualifications to get"in the zone"--for some QBs, it's throwing for 5 or more yards in the air multiple times without making a mistake--although Superstar abilities are passive traits attached to a own player that are constantly busy.

By way of instance, the Gambler X-Factor capability --which only Aaron Rodgers has--makes it impossible for AI defenders to intercept his moves. Likewise strong X-Factor abilities are available for defenders as well, which helps balance out things. Additionally, but X-Factor skills can be dropped quickly; a QB who chooses a sofa is instantly from this zone, while dropped passes and fumbles also cancel out these skills.

These skills, when combined with an elite player such as Madden 20 cover star Patrick Mahomes (who has amazing baseline stats to begin with), become too powerful in some instances to buy Mut 20 coins. Mahomes' exceptional passive Superstar skills give him immense speed and dexterity from the pocket, on top of his already powerful and accurate arm. When teammate Travis Kelce unlocks his very own X-Factor skill (which provides him a guaranteed competitive grab on any single-man policy ), it's just too simple to complete big plays down the field.

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