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Gas Safety Regulator with Adjustable Flow Control
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  • Price
    ₱ 3,500
  • Date posted
    11/14/2014 (November 14, 2014)
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  • Item location
    Rizal Province
  • Classification
    For sale
  • Condition
    Brand New
  • Warranty
    Not Specified
  • Category
    Home & Appliances
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MELANO: Safety Gas Regulator with Adjustable Flow Control and Adaptor
Presently some gas stoves used today do not have safety device, so that when leaks occurs and left unattended to, will cause fire the moment you light or star using the gas stove, because gas that leaks out from the stove will simultaneously catches the light and thereby fire occurs.
Although others uses safety device but they don’t have any adjustable control means to control the flow of the gas that equal to the quantity of the gas required for the number of stoves connected to the LPG tank.

The present invention relates in general to a safety gas device used for LPG gas tank and gas burners or stoves. This safety gas device is provided with a manually adjustable means adapted to regulate the flow of the gas required for any desired numbers of stoves connected to the same tank connection. It is also furnished with a pressure gauge to be correctly informed whether gas is leaking or not.
It is the primary purpose of this invention to provide an adjustable gas control means that remedy the draw backs of presently used gas stoves.
Another thing is, the present invention is to provide an adaptor unit connected to this safety gas device that completely discharges the gas in the gas tank without gas leaking.

Gas Safety Regulator with Adjustable Flow Control
Benefits & Safety features:
1. Safety lock which automatically stops the gas supply when there is gas leakage in the gas pipe line.
2. Diaphragm control system which automatically controls the flow of gas thus insuring stable flow.
3. Gas teller that monitors gas consumption and serves as a warning device for gas leaked if and when the gauge needle drop to zero.
4. Flow adjuster which a gas flow adjusting device to control the said gas flow for one burner to more burners. (either weak or strong flame.).
5. Save gas for about 10% of your gas consumption.
6. Imported gas gauge from USA.
7. All parts are replaceable (not disposable).
8. Serves as your circuit breaker.
9. Adaptable for all types of LPG tank.

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