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Inventory and Point-of-Sale POS System
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    ₱ 8,000
  • Date posted
    11/08/2014 (November 08, 2014)
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Contact #: 0922-374-5064

Secure and speed up your business using this simple, relaxing, and complete INVENTORY & POS SYSTEM!

No more manual writing on paper and typing errors in Excel.
No more customers waiting for 5 minutes just to buy 7 items.
No more headache thinking why money is not the amount it should be.
No more "listahan sa utang" on a paper from customers and to suppliers.

-- Speed up transactions
-- Monitor item movements
-- Secure business money
-- Have UNLIMITED users
-- Have no monthly and hidden fees

Used today by Retail and Wholesale, small- and large-scale Motorcycle Parts businesses in and outside Cebu.
Used by our very small business to track items in stock and customer debts.

Applicable for SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE scale businesses such as:
-- Motorcycle Parts, Auto Parts, Electronics Supply, etc
-- Retail and Wholesale
-- Pharmacies, drug stores, etc
-- Agrivet Supply, Rice Supply, etc
-- Groceries
-- Sari-sari stores
-- Personal use or home use

Some very useful features of our INVENTORY & POS SYSTEM: (Please see screenshots)

-- View quantity left in stock to know when to order to supplier.
-- Very easy POS for Retail, Wholesale, and Purchases with barcode scanning support
-- Supports almost all transactions. (retail, wholesale, purchases, returns, adjustments, expenses, disbursements, receivables, payables, etc)
-- Facebook-like notifications for items almost out of stock, payment dues, not moving items, etc.
-- And many more!

-- Multiple supplier on an item to compare supplier prices
-- Multiple pricing support for different customers
-- Owner or manager approvals for critical transactions made by your staff.
-- And many more!

For more information, trial software version, live demo, and inquiries:
Contact Karen at 0922-374-5064 or karen@codechime.com.

Let's talk about price:

POS from big IT companies used by small and big restaurants and cafes ranges from PHP 70,000 to 200,000 which includes the hardware. Some have monthly fee of PHP 2,000. Ask them! Our price ranges from 4K (retail only) to 50K (complete) for the software. There are a lot of affordable hardware (less than 10K) to choose from other stores.

POS from freelancers and your IT relatives may offer PHP 5,000 or even PHP 2,000. Good price. If you think it works enough for you, don't buy our software.

We allow PAY DOWNPAYMENT, USE NOW, and PAY THE REST LATER (in monthly or full).

Let's talk about quality:

Our Inventory & POS software was started by a Computer Engineering student at the University of San Carlos. He graduated Magna Cum Laude. Landed job at a very big company in Cebu City. Resigned after 1.5 years to pursue this business and other very-very small businesses.

Our software is now in Version 2. Version 1 is available for only 5,000 pesos with no support & maintenance :). For years of development, the software has now attained stability, more user-friendly, and more relaxing.


Please provide your business type and business address, (and optionally your business name and your name) in your message so we can transact faster. We always asked those questions to those who contacted us so far.

For more information, trial software version, live demo, and inquiries:
Contact Karen at 0922-374-5064 or karen@codechime.com.

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