Buy and Sell is the most comprehensive and widely-circulated free classified ads paper in the Philippines. A pioneer in the classified ads industry, Buy and Sell’s maiden publication in 1992 was the first Free Ads newspaper in Asia, with a staff of 5 and 500 advertisers. Twenty-two years on, with over 200 staff, it now averages 25,000 ads per issue with 300 classifications and over 125,000 circulation copies nationwide. It remains the country’s No 1 preferred Free Ads newspaper.

Buy and Sell is now published weekly ensuring ads are new and updated.  Distributed by 7 Days Magazine Supply Inc., it is available in convenience stores, bookstores, major retail supermarkets and major petrol stations.

Please call (02) 628-0000, 628-0888,900-1111 and 366-3333 for your advertising needs.

If you are interested in joining our list of distributors, please call 7 Days Magazine Supply on: (02) 900-3501

Current distributors:

  • Convenience stores:
    711, Mini- Stop, 10-Q Minimart, Family Mart

  • Retail stores:
    Ever, Mightee Mart, Mercury Drugstores, Citimart, South Supermarkets, Hi-top, Tropical Foodmarts, Hardware Exchange, Wilcon Builders Depot, Office Warehouse, Pandayan, Booksale, Ever Supermarket

  • Book stores:
    National Bookstore, Merriam, Expression, Odyssey, Power Books

  • Petrol stations: 
    Petron, Sea Oil, Caltex, Total, Shell

  •  Others:
     Drugcheck Phils.